Souvenir d’Italie

“The castle of Acquaviva di Coversano – Bari”

The Souvenir d’Italie collection is renewed every season and it’s dedicated time after time to a place, a museum, a palace, an Italian artist or a set of representative pieces of art in Italy.
In the past, several models were created with printed designs of the Castelli’s ceramics; in conjunction with Expo Milano 2015 it was realized a collection with the views taken from the Milan antique prints; later was chosen Rome with views of the San Angelo’s bridge and the dome of St. Peter view from Tiber; the last collection A/W 2016 includes reproduction of preserved porcelains from various Italian museums. In this line we also offer the possibility to customize some clothing and accessories with the image of village or private building including a company logo in the creations of an artist.

ph. Fabrizio Boldoni

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